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tv   Headline News  RT  July 19, 2013 8:00am-8:30am EDT

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a little more freedom for alex a not only the russian opposition leader is released with travel restrictions prior to his appeal being heard now this is a day after being handcuffed in board. u.s. whistleblower bradley manning faces the very real prospect of a life behind bars this after a judge refuses to drop the charge against him of aiding the enemy. and israel of reals over european union financial blockade effectively cutting off settlements built on allison inland from a new sort of new funding. thanks for joining me this hour i'm lucy kaplan over we've got live news and analysis for
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you right here on our t.v. well our top story now anti-corruption blogger alex in of all may has been released at least for now after he's been handcuffed in court taken to preliminary tension one of only was sentenced to five years in prison for embezzlement but prosecutors insisted that he should not to be kept locked up until his appeal has actually been heard now more on the reaction from camp in a moment with our tease andrew farmer but first reports from outside of the courthouse. well diversification has made an appeal to the court following yesterday's verdict guilty to both a volley and his codefendant put it sort of on charges of the best moments in the amount of roughly sixteen million rubles that's about half a million dollars they were often taken into custody in court right after the verdict was read and it took the judge around three hours to read the hundred page document but the prosecution has later filed an appeal saying that this measure of
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preliminary confinement was too strict in this particular case and has asked and officers have to be released from custody which is exactly what happened after a short court hearing again and. now both the violent and sara are not to leave the country both of them are on their way to moscow and that means that finally is now essentially free to participate in the moscow mayoral elections was initially planned but the problem with that is that these election campaign manager says that they will perceive this himself that he is not so certain about his electoral campaign nevertheless he is going to make the final announcement of up exactly what he's going to do what his future plans are after here rives in moscow on saturday morning let's now cross to moscow where andrew farming is was the latest what andrew ito yesterday the verdict in the sand sparked mass protest so. what
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can we expect today anything major expected today well the latest news in the end we have from the phone these cameras that they have os his supporters not to carry demonstrations that had been planned over the weekend in going to his release of course yesterday just about his conviction thousands of his supporters did did tonight into the streets of moscow to protest today said that the trial was politically motivated organizers claim the seven times and people to police say the figure. nearer three thousand they had originally intended to demonstrate mohnish nice square but they did not have official permission from the authorities had the police prevented them from doing so however crowds were allowed to gather on its perimeter very crowded close to the kremlin and also the state duma overall it did pass peacefully has to be said even though police made two hundred arrests they do say the bulk of those were made because people were attracting the highway they
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were standing at a busy intersection during rush hour in moscow last night similar scenes were repeated incent paid but it is also fair to say this was not the picture across the whole of russia we just have very strong support on the internet and on social media networks that's where he made his name particularly as an anti corruption blogger two years ago during the mass protest after the parliamentary elections but a poll has come out to say that only ten percent of russians nationwide are actually following the case or perhaps not just put things in perspective but the news we have from the valleys camp is that they have asked his supporters not to demonstrate over the weekend in light of his release. washington as accusing moscow of suppressing dissent in civil society and a wake up in the sentencing while the e.u. claims that it is very concerned over the rule of law in russia let's get some more thoughts on this and bring in murat treacher also a political expert and the head of the european geo political forum sir we've heard
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the u.s. and the e.u. reaction do you think it's justified and how do you react to the sentencing. well i mean i think. actually you hosking this today as opposed to yesterday because yesterday. you heard of the guy said. kind. of like start punishment. however today here in. an abuse will. an acquittal situation a bail situation. just clearly said or reduced as a message that he's getting and he's state out of politics which was a message that was given to. let's say rush. you know kind of all the guy in the very early put him in the course and then mr spacey mr. but then again i can understand why he you of course in washington ross was concerned about
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this because i mean this clearly have very different political culture. in russia is there reason to these kind of based societies like the u.s. and the e.u. . and i don't i think it's ok because i mean you know these are very different societies with very different histories and. there's always going to be very different sort of political cultures if you like inside the sort of systems i comparer. in the whiny to julian assign each you know certain way i mean i think you know you never way they. kind of oppose the establishment you know both within russia and with. let's say the united states western society and a broader case something there's a lot of a lot of issues and problems with the western bases site it's not as if it's a whole you know disneyland sort of be here if you have
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a lot of the little or i think in many ways faith a middle class of people people who can afford to talk about choice can afford to have the council to promote their interests it's not as if russia as we saw or like for example a financial times headline yesterday like the city can see we must confront putin slowness russia. i mean it's not as if you know there's any problem. in poignant moments russia what is all this rhetoric is a different political culture with a very different historical legacy will be between the point that i mean we don't really have the united states criticizing you know the military for ousting a democratically elected leader in egypt you know there's a very different political culture in egypt in many ways the local population having doorstep you know she crew in egypt which would never happen you know let's
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say in belgium or. all the united states i think you really do you have an outside central but the u.s. has different geopolitical and military interests in egypt than a dozen recess so what you saying is behind the u.s. reaction towards russia that. well i mean look here politics is a slightly different issue because you know here we're talking about domestic dissidents. so you know u.s. is trying to a spouse a global culture of democratization but what i mean is if you go to trying to spouse a global cultural democratization and you know. kind of be more aggressive analogous universal values such as human rights for example then obviously you have to do it consistently you can sort of you know kind of go hot against moammar gadhafi so this won't alter a change in libya here and you know go out against russia. but kind
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of you know all right. resetting on russia if you like because it's because you're going to go anyway to global business influence that right unfortunately we are out of time thank you for weighing in there with their point of view the political expert and the head of the european geopolitical form murat cetera thank you you thank. of course if you missed any of our coverage catch up at r.t. dot com also there are updates as well as the best pictures from the protests against the verdict and check out our correspondents on twitter keeping an eye out on the latest news. a u.s. judge has ruled that bradley manning must face the charge of aiding the enemy in a decision that means the whistleblower could spend the rest of his life behind prison walls the defense had argued that manning sent a trove of classified information to wiki leaks to spark a reform and debate or to use less wall has been closely following the case for us
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it is the most serious charge of the private first class faces so that means he still faces the possibility of life without parole now the court took a look at the testimony and evidence we've heard so far throughout this case and found that there is enough evidence to move forward with this charge this charge of aiding the enemy prosecution has cited manning's job as an intelligence analyst they say that as an intelligence analysts he should have known that by leaking these documents to the n.c. secret secrecy website wiki leaks that al qaeda osama bin laden and al qaeda affiliates were going to see this information and now the defense has insisted and has maintained that bradley manning and no way intended to aid the enemy they say that he is a whistleblower and that he leaked these documents in an effort to expose wrongdoing and to basically to spark a public debate of what is going on in the wars abroad diplomatically really what
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the truth is. well the u.s. isn't only targeting the bradley manning it is also focusing its attention on another secret leaker the former n.s.a. contractor mr edward snowden he blew the lid off america's secret surveillance program activities and is currently stranded at a moscow airport of course we should keep in mind only one man at the moment has america's public sympathy as our washington correspondent dan explains the u.s. government's relentless crackdown on whistleblowers is sort of designed to scare the whistleblowers of the future but we see that bradley manning's fate is not scared edward snowden for example so despite the crackdown whistleblowers keep coming forward with revelations about the government's wrongdoings as they see them so the u.s. government decided that punishment is perhaps not enough in the wake of bradley manning's leaks the government came up with the so-called insiders like program under which government employees with clearances are basically instructed to snitch on each other so employees have to judge their colleagues. here and determine
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whether they might might become a whistleblower you can imagine how many baseless and discriminatory investigations the program could trigger critics argue that the obama administration is using mccarthy methods to go on whistleblowers on top of that you have journalists who sources in the government have dried up the justice department has shown that to track down on all the rice stores they can see quickly. records as was the case with a.p. germinates so but this new era of whistleblowers with spoke with them for nix has been writing extensively on the bradley manning case take a listen you know for forgetting of those words only the pentagon papers he had to walk out of the rand corporation with possible documents all in a hotel room seventy two hours and. hours of documents on a photocopy or bradley manning undergrown and not loading the computer. you know presumably did something similar it's just one executive the documents and we live
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in an era of a president of secrecy and a president who in this these two sources are bound to collide it's interesting poll show that the majority of americans think of edward snowden as a whistle blower not a traitor whereas the majority of americans think bradley manning is a traitor to a certain extent the public support for this or that whistleblower depends on the subject of their revelations brenda manning revealed the us governments were crimes abroad perhaps not surprisingly many generates more sympathy abroad than at home but one can argue that americans are more sympathetic to snowden because he's where relations are about their rights their civil liberties so they care more when it's some iraqis rights they apparently care less. well coming up for you striking support for the syrian rebels as the opposition gets caught between assad's forces and the growing threat of al qaida extremists the u.s. president has the options for military intervention laid out before him. and as
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if economic desperation wasn't enough for the league spain crowns have now poured into the streets over revelations of finance corruption at the top of the world and party we'll have analysis on that coming up in just a bit. when the great blind to what is happening in their country. d. american dream is disappearing. the houses with gardens are. the poor are left hopeless the streets are full of angry chrome it's better to fighting against. high school who stole the american dream. education free. free. free.
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free. free. free. video for your media. free media. and. making good on decades of rhetoric the e.u. has cut off funding to farms funds and social projects in israeli settlements built illegally on palestinian land the move had taken israel by surprise officials describe the move as brutal and an earthquake that will have serious consequences our middle east correspondent paula slayer reports from one of the affected areas.
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the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu is furious with this new european union directive and a number of leading israeli officials have called it an earthquake what it states is that in any future agreements between israel and the european union the needs to be an exclusion clause referring to settlements in the west bank and east jerusalem now i'm standing in the israeli settlement of aureole behind me is the university that was founded thirty one years ago and which today has a student population of fourteen thousand degrees that awarded here are recognized by the israeli higher council for education but this latest move by the european union is bad news not only for settlements like this one but also for universities like the one you see behind me what it states is that they need to be a pretty big on all grants scholarships prizes and money that is awarded and unless there is this exclusion cause now it is estimated that this will affect some forty
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percent of the israeli institutions including a large corporations and banks that have in direct ties with the settlements palestinians and their allies have congratulated and welcomed this move saying that it is an important political and cultural boycott on the settlement movement but these raids are angry particularly the right wing elements in the ten yahoos government who say that they're now going to step up their cause to end any kind of gestures for resumption of peace talks with the palestinians policy r.t. in the ariel settlement west bank earlier i spoke zero m. p. paul murphy and the jerusalem post chief political correspondent phil hartman the discussion showed us in some ways just how differently that is sides see the situation. primarily it's a reflection of pressure from below in europe where by many many people are saddled with what is in reality on go and complexity of the european union with the oppression of the hottest indians or on the one hand you have crocodile tears about
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the palestinians well fundamentally you have support including more me immediately for the israeli astonishment and so the pressure simply has become too much for the european commission aggressive is not what how it's happening here in the aggressive act is the expansion of settlements the robbing of public opinion home owners that's what an aggressive act is taking place here i do want to get back to you i mean do you think that this is a price that's worth for for israel to play and play in order to gain this territory look the fate of what will remain part of israel or what would become part of a palestinian state will be decided in negotiations one side or an ex charnel side getting involved and dictating in advance where the borders are going to be it isn't going to help anyone now we are ready know that the jewish neighborhoods in jerusalem are going to be part of israel forever settlement blocks leave the heart of israel forever perhaps saying that israel shouldn't build in far flung areas
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that would be part of a palestinian state makes sense what europe has done here is drawn the line arbitrarily and now where seven hundred thousand people live and that's really hard and that's unfair and it's time for europe to stop undermining democracy and allow there to be peace and stop taking actions against peace that would result in thousands of palestinians being unemployed losing their livelihood. will have to smash through the google glass ceiling for the spectacular spectacles that put your eyes online but cyber criminals have now given them the power to identify a person just by looking at them you can get those details on our website. helpful for you motel installs as bankruptcy for america's former symbol of manufacturing might as detroit buckles under more than eighteen billion dollars of debts that story and lots more for you at r.t. dot com. in fact and thousands of people have
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clashed with police in thirty cities outraged over revelations of corruption within the ruling people's party and the protesters are demanding that the prime minister quits after claims that he and other party members received over eight million euros worth of bribes all right now spain certainly is gripped by one of its worst economic crises in decades live now to felix moreno a trade and your manager at trading in madrid sir this is all from the people's party former treasurer who certainly faces tax fraud trial at the moment now he is personally threatening to reveal more names and numbers how how deep do you think this this goes. well it goes deep and very high to the top basically because for the old guard this whole way of working the whole cash envelope extra bonus was a normal thing i think obviously i don't know but i think the revelations willing clude prime minister mariano rajoy in fact some some of the some of the accounting
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books he's already revealed do include his name and i'm curious. but we've had the people's party especially disown the former treasurer do you think that this will be a not enough to blow a little put a lid on this to sort of stop this from escalating no they've done it too late into this so up until march prime minister of russia ho it was to take sending text messages to the former treasurer who is about finesse and up until january two thousand and thirteen they're still paying him a salary to say they knew this was going on they knew he was going to speak he was going to talk to the judge if they didn't do something to help him get out of his the eagle troubles and he was making threats he's just made good on them and is there any of the situation in which you can to vision prime minister surviving this scandal i mean he has of course denied wrongdoing but this is a country that's already furious as politicians record unemployment biting power
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cuts which has seen the public a second essentially out of the state of black. well what people are really curious about is that we've seen austerity and cuts for the people but not for the politicians spain is one of the countries to the highest number of politicians per population ratio in europe we have all estimates between one hundred thousand two hundred thousand politicians actually drawing a salary from the from the eight so people are furious that governments families businesses everyone has to cut back but the government hasn't they've just raised taxes so i do believe he would have a chance to survive this if the economy was improving but unfortunately it's not unemployment is not going down the latest numbers still see two thousand and thirteen growth in spain negative one point three to one point five they still they're still putting off recovery till two thousand and fourteen two thousand and fifteen so i don't think he will survive this i think he will survive for now i do
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see any movement before the german elections a month from now and very briefly aside from perhaps getting rid of some of the politicians that you pointed out are slightly higher number what economic policies do you think spain needs in order to get out of this mess. well we need to balance the budget now as soon as possible. and it can be done it was done before the predecessor as president of the global party. former president i think that it did it for spain to get into the euro it's probably tougher to do now than then because they waited too long but it could be done just not really to do it thank you so much for weighing in there felix merino trade and professionally a manager at r.f. trading thanks for weighing in thank you very much. washington has plans ready for supporting syrian rebels with potentially a military force and the president could be considering whether to use that now this was revealed by barack obama's top military adviser as he testified before the
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u.s. congress now this is as the free syrian army raises the alarm over al qaeda as alleged plans to clean a terrorist state north of the country extremists reportedly plan to use land captured by the rebels pushing out more moderate opposition and seizing its weapons and all smuggling routes world affairs journalist neil clark believes the terrorist threat may be the pretext for the rebels to secure western intervention. it's interesting isn't it when president assad was warning about al-qaeda in syria from twenty eleven all of which he was dismissed by the west scaremongering etc he was saying that al-qaeda was coming to her in syria and now we're hearing this from the f.s.a. it was interesting isn't it that those of those who did want this were were dismissed as the colleges for a sad ologist of the syrian government now the west is going to wake up to what's really going on and that i think having said that it's very important george w. bush a strategy free syrian army is very keen to get western intervention i think they're now change their strategy and they're saying look al-qaeda going to take control
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unless you do need and help out the f.s.a. the law and i think now they're lost and say look you've got to help us out and to try to put themselves in the good guys the moderate rebels but not too late because terrible crimes terrible terrorist atrocities search i think it's a kind of faux division to tell you the. by the rebels. he's an action figure in syria next year too and you can you know there's no excuse for anybody to be using bombs now which you could change in syria to elections are available if you can so i think the history of this is a desperate last shot. and time now for some more international headlines we begin in iraq where there's been a massive bomb blast inside a sunni mosque just north of baghdad at least twenty people have been killed now this is the latest in a series of explosions targeting the ethnically diverse region in recent weeks the level of violence across iraq has spiked in the last four months leaving more than two and a half thousand people dead. one of the men accused of the
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gruesome murder of a british soldier in london two months ago has been attacked in prison michael a double la jolla lost two teeth in the assaults no one's been arrested but the police do say that they are investigating the case the two men charged with killing drummer lee rigby outside of woolwich barracks face trial in november. in colombia a landslide in a mountainous region has swept a number of vehicles and a bus off the road killing at least four people it's thought that nearly a dozen people were injured in that accident that took place three hundred kilometers south of the capital of thought emergency crews and local residents dug through the night it to try and reach the survivors. protesters have set up camp in ukraine's capital demanding that the interior minister resigned as part of a wave of such rallies over the reported rape of a young woman by two police officers back in june protesters say the investigation was deliberately hindered by the police and that it shows the endemic corruption in law enforcement agencies. i'll be back in about a half an hour of
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a do stay with us you're watching r.t. . you want to do something truly baffling the u.s. supreme court has ruled that generic drug makers cannot be sued for bad reactions to their products only the original bridge creators of the drugs can the court's decision was five to four overturning a multimillion dollar award for a woman who was horribly wounded by taking a medication which gave her toxic epidermal necrosis which is basically the equivalent of getting third degree burns all over her body and of course after winning the case of mutual pharmaceutical company is demanding their millions of dollars back from the woman who they naturally blame for having side effects from
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the medicine they made themselves remember this is not just a ruling about one drug but ruling about all generic drugs which are eighty percent of the u.s. market all of them will not have any accountability i cannot wrap my head around the logic of only punishing the creator of a product. and great a community to anyone that later reproduces said product i mean would any sane person say that if you shoot a person with a colt forty five pistol that is a crime but if you use a copycat made in mexico to blow your neighbor's it off well that's ok because it's a generic copy no no sane person would allow drug producers to have no liability for their product but that's just my opinion. good afternoon and welcome to prime interest i'm perry i'm going in above big wish and it's today's headline. i don't understand gold yes that's what our beloved fed
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chairman actually told congress today maybe that's why germany wants three hundred tons of it back that would be the goal of the fed is holding on its behalf we have just one word for you finance minister sharon tungsten but don't worry chairman bernanke he assured the s. and p. five hundred know it all time highs that the monetary q.e. stimulus will continue until the economy can stand on its own feet such anthropomorphization is quite quaint for an economy tradition isn't it we debunk the likes of bernanke you can talk about the mortgage if you believe with economist stephen king later in the show and jamie diamond can't seem to find its hair that isn't in the hot seat j.p. morgan is about to shell out a few hundred million and a settlement with the federal energy regulatory commission that would be for allegedly manipulating energy markets in california and iran style hard lines already settled.


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